Uber Clone Mobile App: How Cubetaxi Can Help You Develop An App Like Uber?

Uber Clone

Uber is a world-renowned company for its instant taxi booking solutions. Most of you must have booked a taxi ride using Uber at least once. Tell the truth, how was the experience? Was it good? Or do you think you have the potential to offer something more than this transportation industry giant? If you believe that your business plan can add much value to the economy and your bank balance, then launching an Uber clone is the best thing to do. 

Uber Clone


Cubetaxi is into the business of white-labeling pre-built apps for a decade now. It has successfully launched over a thousand apps globally. Most of the entrepreneurs who have tried, tested, launched, and earned from this app are from the USA, Nigeria, Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia, and many more! 

If you don’t believe what you just read right now, check out Cubetaxi’s official website. They have video testimonials of their clients. Listen to them carefully! 

Unmatched Covid related features 

Among the other prime features of this taxi booking app, Covid-19-related features are what have caught everyone’s attention. 

  • Facemask verification: this feature has made it mandatory for the drivers to click and upload a selfie wearing a face mask. The driver can only accept the ride request once he uploads a selfie on the app. 
  • Restricting the number of passengers: only two passengers are allowed to share the ride at a time. This Covid-19 safety measure is supported by the country’s government and the World Health Organization. 
  • Safety checklist: the safety checklist enlists all the Covid-19 measures that the driver and passengers must follow. So, before requesting a ride or accepting one, the rider and the diver need to confirm the checklist that mentions measures like wearing a face mask, sanitizing your hands, and so on. 

Other features are ride cancellation and safety & rating features. 


Apart from on-the-spot taxi booking, scheduling a taxi ride, and booking a ride-sharing option, the passengers may now hail the ride. The rider can simply wave at an empty taxi. 

For instance, a rider doesn’t have the Uber clone app installed on their phone. They wave at the empty taxi at the city mall. The rider wants to be dropped off at their home that’s 5 miles from the mall. So, the driver chooses the ‘ride-hailing’ option on the app and adds their current location as ‘city mall’ and the drop-off location that the rider said. The driver then begins the ride. At the end of the ride, an invoice summary is generated on the driver’s app! The ride is completed exactly as it would if requested by the rider using the app. 

Call the dispatcher and book a ride 

If any of your target audience doesn’t own a smartphone or for some reason doesn’t book the taxi from the Uber clone app, they can call the company dispatcher! The dispatcher will then manually book the taxi for the rider. They will ask about the pickup and drop-off location, preferred vehicle type, and driver’s gender (for women passengers), and then book the taxi. 

Within the said estimated time of arrival, the taxi will arrive at the passenger’s location. The good part is that the ride is tracked until the end! 

Conclusion: Reading the blog must have helped you to think about all your dreams that will come true by launching this market-relevant taxi booking app. Well, for a better understanding of the app, you must talk with the experts who have actually developed the clone app first – Cubetaxi!