Maideasy Clone Makes Your Life Easy – Get On Demand Home Cleaning Service Anytime Anywhere

maideasy clone app

Coming to a messy home from a long tiring day at work is such an unpleasant sight. Wish there could be a maid available to do the chores so that you can have a relaxing evening. Your thoughts have been hearing by Maideasy Clone App.

We love clean, fresh looking homes. Either we do it or we hire someone to do it – Maideasy clone app designed for the later category offering affordable house cleaning services.

What makes Maideasy clone app so popular? The app originally is a successful Malaysian business model offering a wide range of house cleaning services to the citizens. Looking at the fame that it earned in a short time, many budding entrepreneurs started venturing into the house-keeping business thus, the advent of Maideasy clone app.

It is an ondemand cleaning app offering affordable house cleaning services where your maid arrives in few taps on the app. No fussing over making a call and scheduling an appointment, it is an on demand app thus works on demand – you call it and you get it. Now it is easy to book house cleaners using this app which is way easy, safer, and damn quick compare to those traditional methods.

Why Develop Maideasy clone app?

Like the original app, the Maideasy clone app is primarily design to enhance the local community by providing job opportunities to the locals. The app is committed to offering decent cleaning jobs with good pay to the local citizens.

This app lets the users choose their preferred cleaning options from the list of services. The app is fully automate with robust features to handle the house cleaning jobs seamlessly. Once the user has entered the details, the app registers that in the memory. Prompting it when the user log in again.

The app comes featuring with in-app chat facility to answer the queries and concerns of the users.

The app comprises features like:

  • Easy ordering for house cleaning
  • Rescheduling the services
  • Offers real-time tracking of the maid
  • Transparent charges
  • Home language and other currency
  • Promo code and offers
  • Multiple payment options
  • Cancellation policy
  • Feedback and reviews

Working Flow Of The Maideasy Clone App

The app is very basic and easy to use. Keeping in mind the target audience it involves minimal steps to order on-demand maid using the Maideasy clone app.

Below-mentioned are the steps to use:-

  • Download the app and make registration using social media login or email id, contact number.
  • The app will ask your address where you wish to avail the house cleaning services. Fill in the details accordingly
  • Choose the type of house-cleaning service you wish to have e.g. deep cleaning, cleaning the kitchen, the entire house, party mess cleaning, etc.
  • After choosing a house-cleaning service, the app receives the request. The app thus sends the request to the employees staying in the nearby location and the one who picks up the request first arrives at your place.
  • The multiple payment options offer the user to pay using credit card/debit card, Wallet, etc.
  • Once the cleaning job is done, the app asks you to rate the service. This is to improve the app experience and the service experience both.

If you are enthusiastic to start your house-cleaning service business then choosing the Maideasy clone app can be the best idea. Not only the app is efficient in giving earning potentials to the cleaners that take up the job but also offers lucrative profits to the owners.

Purchase this white label Maideasy clone app solution that allows your customers to get a sparkling, neat, and clean house in few clicks. The app offers a wide range of cleaning services at affordable prices. 

To scale up your business, you can:

  • Add more categories to the cleaning services
  • Offer promotional deals
  • Extend your geographical location

To validate your Maideasy clone app concept, connect with a pro on demand app development company. They have an experienced, expert team who have been developing a similar concept for years. The team has better technical know-how and knows what it takes to make your app successful. With all the right elements, your Maideasy clone app is readied to launch in a few days. You can check the demo to grasp the functioning of the app and get it to develop with added features necessary for your business. Check their client portfolio and other app videos to know their work diversities.

In case, if you are still having questions regarding how to develop Maideasy clone app, discuss with the team and get your doubt clear. The consultation is free of cost.