It’s the perfect time to fight against the inconvenience with Gojek app clone

gojek app clone

The Gojek app clone replicates the concept of the original Gojek app, primarily focusing on on-demand taxi services while also offering a diverse range of other services effortlessly. The Gojek clone script encompasses services such as car rentals, babysitting, maintenance, healthcare, security guards, snow ploughs, tour guides, car repair, veterinary care, physiotherapy, real estate assistance, and more. This robust app extends over 72+ services to customers seamlessly, without any complications, available anytime and anywhere. The service providers associated with this app are highly skilled professionals who undergo comprehensive training and must successfully pass specific tests to be affiliated with the Gojek app clone.

Package of Gojek clone script

As time evolves, numerous mobile application development companies have surfaced, each claiming to offer the finest Gojek app clone script and package to their customers. Let’s explore the package offerings from these companies:

  • Native iOS Driver/Service Provider App
  • Native iOS User App
  • Native iOS Store / Restaurant App
  • Native Android Driver/Service Provider App
  • Native Android User App
  • Native Android Store / Restaurant App
  • Main Website (Responsive Marketing Website)
  • Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store / Restaurant Web Panel
  • User Web Panel
  • Driver/Service Provider’s Companies Panel
  • Dispatcher / Manual Booking Panel
  • Billing / Accounts Panel
  • Admin web panel which helps to handle the whole working of the unbeatable app like Rates, commission, service provider, client, payments etc.

Mentioned below are some of the unique characteristics offered by the reputable mobile app development solutions-

No charge for white labelling:

Respected mobile app development brands do not impose any charges for the white-labeling process. They seamlessly replace the product’s name, logo, and other essential details with the client’s brand name and logo, all without any additional fees.

Secrecy policy:

These companies uphold a confidential relationship with their clients and refrain from disclosing any information about the product to third parties.

Complimentary website

Respected and reliable brands in the industry also offer their customers a complimentary website, enhancing the brand’s online presence in an impactful manner.

Approval from google play store and iOS store

These companies guarantee the approval of app launches on both the Apple Store and Android Store platforms.

Fully licensed source code

The reputed and popular mobile app development companies provide the fully licensed source code to their customers without any inconvenience.  These licensed source codes are 100% customisable and are ethical.

Approachable design

The development of the Gojek app clone script is aimed at ensuring its user-friendly nature, making it easily manageable for everyone. It is accessible and responsive, compatible with various platforms such as iOS and Android.

If you are an emerging entrepreneur and you want to introduce your own unbeatable app in the market which can give you high-rated profit then going with Gojek app clone is the best option as it is credible and reliable in the industry.