Kick-off Your On-demand Business With The Gojek Clone App In 2022

gojek clone

Gojek Clone 2022 is the Best Deal if you’re looking to establish your On-Demand Services Business and yield Multi-Million US Dollars. This Ultra-Productive App is the Key to Unlock the Great Potential of your Business as it helps you attract more App Users than the Usual. Why so? Well, because this App lets you serve various Life-Enhancing Services to the App Users under a Single Shade. Hence, also saving such App Users with the Chaos of Installing Separate Applications for availing different Services. 

So, which all different Services can you Offer your App Users with this Application?? Multiple Parcel Delivery, Delivery Genie, Delivery Runner, Door-Step Delivery of Food, Bid for Handyman Services, and Service Providers On-Demand. 


The App User can Login into this Master App using Touch ID (Android Users) and Face ID Detection (iPhone Users.) With Uber-Like Taxi Services, the App Users are entitled to many Beneficial Features such as to Book a Taxi Ride straightaway, and even Schedule it for a Later Time. 

The App User has two Options under the Uber-Like Taxi Services:

  • Moto Ride: Herein, one gets Options such as Moto Bike, Scooter, and Sports Bike. 
  • Taxi Ride: Herein, one can select the Car Type of one’ choice such as Hatchback, SUV, or Sedan.

One can even connect with the Taxi Driver via Audio Call, Video Call, as well as In-App Chat Option. The Audio Call Option is powered by the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Feature that prevents the Private Numbers of both the Taxi Driver and the App User from being revealed to Each Other. 


Present the App Users with the Facility of giving Voice Instructions to the Delivery Driver. Yes! The App Users can record and send the Audio Messages to the Delivery Drivers giving Instructions such as about the Delivery Location or other Information. 

One can also receive Graphical In-App Notifications displaying the Different Status of the Grocery Delivery Order. One can easily know through Graphical Representations the accurate Delivery Stage such as Order Placed, Order Confirmed, Order Ready, Order Picked-Up, Order On-The-Way, and Order Delivered. 

The App Users can also avail of Discounts and Offers if they stand eligible for ‘Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Stores’, and ‘Location Wise Promo Code.’ 


With the Online Video Consultation Service Category. The App Users can benefit from receiving Virtual Consultation from different Professionals such as Doctors, Tutors, Lawyers, and Fitness Trainers. The App Users can get their Queries/Issues/Doubts resolved and sorted without the need of stepping out of their Homes. 

One can easily take an Informed Decision to Select the Most-Suitable Service Provider. With the help of one’ Reviews, Ratings, and Gallery Portfolio. The Gojek Clone App User can also view which all Services are provided by a Specific Service Provider. 

Moreover, the App User gets different Payment Modes to choose from, and these are:

  • Credit Card: One can Enter-In the Credit Card Details to Pay via this online method. If there’s any Pre-Saved Card already available, the App User can even make a Payment by selecting that Card.
  • In-App Wallet: App users can easily get the Amount Deducted from one’ In-App Wallet Option to pay for the Online Video Consultation.


The Gojek Clone App is your Ideal Aid when it comes to providing the App Users with Innumerable Life-Enhancing Services and Pioneering Features. Launch this Smart App and allow App Users to relish in the Luxuries of getting all the Essentials at Doorstep. Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you want to be the First Millionaire of your Family? Get in touch with one of the Legit License White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute. Earn the Invaluable Trust and Loyalty of the App Users!