uber for moving furniture

Moving homes is a very big step for anyone. It is back breaking, cumbersome and tiring. What is worse is that sometimes, even after you have put in all that effort, you end up damaging your expensive furniture. Find out some top furniture moving tips to protect your furniture in the right way to ensure that before you call your Uber for moving furniture, you have packed your stuff just right.

Invest in good packing material

We love to be thrifty and save money when we move. It is after all a very expensive thing to do. When you get to the new place you have a hundred new requirements which all involve a hundred expenses. But think again. Are you really saving any money by not spending on packing material? Not really. You will end up damaging your beautiful furniture and spending a lot of money either getting it repaired or replacing the item completely.

Don’t take that risk. Spend in high quality packing material that will protect your furniture from scratches, moisture and any other external damage. Most important materials include Sealable plastic, plastic stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and sofa and mattress covers.

Prep for the task

Ensure that you have prepared your furniture BEFORE you pack them. A lot of people like to just pack what gets their way and then they will clean it once they reach their destination. This might not be a healthy practice. When you pack something with dust and other particles and it is stored away for long durations, the furniture might start stinking when it reaches.

The best way to go about it is to clean it properly with whatever cleaning material is appropriate. If it is a wooden item, dust it well and then clean it with a wood suitable cleanser. For glass, use appropriate solutions to ensure it is very clean. Any dust on it and repeated movement in it might cause scratches. Another important thing to do is to ensure that it is absolutely dry before you pack it up.  Don’t leave any moisture in their for it might lead to festering mold or fungus.

Save the corners

A very simple way to handle heavy furniture with edges and corners is to doubly secure the corners with bubble wrap first and then placing a pillow around the corners. This will make sure that the pillow takes the heat if any when it meets another surface. Otherwise, it might become difficult to save it. Bubble wrap can only do so much. The added layer of protection will definitely help in safeguarding such furniture.

Dismantling is key

The smaller the object, the easier it is to store it and save it. Dismantle your furniture to as small parts as you can and then pack them individually. This will ensure that there aren’t too many odd shapes to take care of. Regular shapes such as spheres and squares are much easier to pack and move. Odd shapes are quite tough. So, our suggestion is that you try to break open your furniture into regular shapes and then pack it. You can add newspapers or vacuum fillers to get that uniform shape. This might seem like a small thing to do, but will go a long way in protecting your furniture.

Call the professionals for moving

The worst mistake is trying to do the loading and unloading of your furniture moving tips by yourself on the back of your truck. There are many on demand moving apps in the market today. Just download any one of them and use it just like you would an Uber for moving furniture.

These Uber for moving furniture kind of services will have only professionals handling your furniture, so they will know the best way to load them, place them in the truck and then unload them. Leave it to the guys who do it for a living to ensure that your furniture remains protected all the time.