How Food Ordering & Delivery Apps Became the Business Start Up Trend?

Believe it or not, online food delivery has merely wrapped up the old school food ordering and delivery process of the restaurants. Now people do not need to shoot out for their orders on their cell phones. Actually, the food ordering process through a phone call was an old-fashioned one. Many food orders were used to get missed due to busy phone lines. That is why switching to online food delivery app was necessary for the restaurant owner to continue their business.

According to the studies and surveys, an overall calculation says that more 70% of food orders and deliveries are placed through mobile phones. As mobile phones are the fastest and the easiest medium to browse the internet. Online food ordering apps have already dominated the market. The restaurants that are still using the same old school food delivery process have no value in the market. Apps like Zomato are the most preferred choice of many customers who are working remotely.

food delivery app

Here are the benefits of using food delivery app for expanding the roots of your food ordering business.

Since the competition in the food delivery market is so strong, people are constantly focussing on ensuring that they are better than the rest in the market. Although, the fight hasn’t gotten very brutal as of now or else we’d all be getting free food!

But wait! There’s the matter of discounts. So, we are getting free food! Apps like Zomato and Swiggy have started giving offers like free delivery, buy 1 get 1 and much more. So if you too have been trying to explore the possibilities of building your own business using the Zomato clone then you too will have to come up with many creative solutions to entice your customers. Getting started with an app based business can have a few challenges. If you get your own app built, you will find that you end up spending a whole lot of time and money in building it. Getting a cloned app from a successful business is always a better option. It helps you in eliminating the entire process of research and development of the application.

An idea is all too good. But when you begin the actual execution of the idea, you will find that there are many roadblocks that come in the way. There will be one or the other practical problems when the app is launched. When you go ahead with a cloned app, you get a solution that has already borne the test of time (and the tide of the people).

  • Customized Design & Layout

If you are a restaurant owner and are willing to move on online food delivery for your customers then the app can be customized on the theme of your restaurant. For any app customization, you can ask your hired developers or an organization from where you have purchased an app.

However, if you are not a restaurant owner and looking forward to starting an online food delivery business as a third party delivery service. Then you have wide options. You get full access to design your app in whatever way you want. There will be no boundaries or any conditions for you to follow. Because you will be the third party food delivery service provider. You can choose what so ever design you want.

  • Real-Time Menu Update

In application, real-time menu update is one the amazing feature. This feature allows Zomato clone app to update the food menu as soon as the restaurant’s POS machine menu is changed. This help customer to order their food without any problem and gets smooth as well as quick ordering experience. If you are a third party online food delivery service provider and partnered with multiple restaurants. This feature is an ultimate advantage for you. You won’t need to update the food menu manually by visiting their restaurants.

  • User Experience

The interface of Zomato clone app is super smooth and easy to use that provides an amazing user experience to the customers. The food delivery app navigation is simple enough to understand. A person of any age group can easily use and understand the overall process of ordering food. For online payments, you don’t have to enter your card pin number, the payment gateways automatically send OTP (One Time Password) that keep the transaction secure. Your customer can even save their multiple addresses for getting their food delivered.

  • Push Notification

Push notification is a feature that can help you to improve customer engagement. This will allow you to send direct information to all your user’s devices as a notification. The notification can be of any information regarding offers, discount or deals. Well, somehow it’s an amazing marketing tool as you can showcase your new product or feature directly to your customers.

  • Scheduled Order

At the time of placing an order, your customer can decide whether he or she wants to get the food delivered right now or want it on some specific time. As soon as the customer orders the food at a scheduled time, the restaurant is automatically notified.

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