Why will your Customers love Housejoy App Clone?

On-Demand Electricians to On-Demand Plumbers, and even Home Painting Experts, one App can help your customers save their weekends from doing odd jobs. It is true that weekends are the only time when one could pay attention to either mow their lawns, fix a lock that has been troubling them, or get their cars serviced. These things take time and even the jobs are odd, while some require the hands of only an expert. So, what to do? Well, get your customers to log into a Housejoy App Clone and book service providers for every odd job!


Enlisted here are only a handful of benefits your Home Services App will draw.

  1. On-Demand Services

Your Customer will have the luxury to book a service anytime they demand one. Say, if they accidentally locked themselves out of their homes, then, they can immediately hire a locksmith using the App and get the problem solved in minutes.

  1. Scheduling the Services

Another benefit that your Customers will seek is ‘Scheduling the Services’. Using the App, the customers will be able to book a service for later at their preferred date and time. For example, a customer is holding a Farewell Party for their Boss at their Farm House two days from today. The same customer can book Party Cleaning Service in advance from the App such as, on X March 2022, 07:00 PM EST.

  1. At-Home Services

At-Home Services means that your customers can call the experts to their homes to get the job done. For example, customers can call Car Washers at their home to get their SUVs, Hatchback, or Porsche cleaned!

on demand home services app


The bouquet of On-Demand App exclusively includes the At-Home Services of:

  • Babysitter
  • Massage Therapists
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Beauticians
  • Carpenters
  • Doctors
  • Maids
  • Road Assistance

Remember, these are only a bunch of services you can get on the App!


As seen, the App holds tons of benefits for your customers. But, what about the Web Panel that you get along with the Clone App Script Package?

What are the benefits that the On Demand Home Services App Web Panel includes? Let’s take a look at them. 

  1. A detailed Home Page

The Home Page is the first thing that your customers will land on after logging into the App. They can choose any one of the On-Demand Services they desire and easily connect with relevant Service Providers near their locality.

  1. Select the Language they prefer

Just like the Uber For Home Services App, the Web Panel also provides customers with the option to choose their preferred language. They can glance through the entire Language Menu by clicking on the Globe Symbol on the top-right corner of the screen.

Customers can now choose from French, Spanish, Malay, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

  1. Easy Service Selection

The Web Panel opens up the whole of the Service Catalog on the screen. The users can now choose the Service they want and proceed with adding their address, typing a discount code, and selecting the Service Provider they want to hire.

Yes! All this and more can happen on the Housejoy App Clone Web Panel!


So, are you ready to build your own On Demand Home Services App? Do you wish to bring the utmost convenience to the residents and others?

The time is right to invest in this Multi-Billion Dollar Idea. Become a Millionaire in no time with a White-Labeling Firm’s assistance.

Contact the Experts today!

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