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With the changing trend, the taxi hiring industry is slowly and gradually growing in African countries and has also brought diverse competition in the market. The different tech-minds have emerged up with disruptive e-hailing applications in a crack to give up Uber a good run for its money. Although there are different taxi services that offer cheaper services to their users then also there are maximum users of Uber andTaxify because of the quality services which they offer to their customers and the trust that they have developed among their users. These companies have established a larger network and a stronger brand in the industry.

If we talk about Uber in Africa then it has mainly done its operations in eight countries. These countries are- Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. Taxify mainly operates in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The different regulators in other countries continue to shuffle out of Uber but the company maintains to lead the market in African countries since it has arrived into the market since 2013. 

Although, Taxify and Uber have held the top place with the development of the new technologies there are different new taxi applications that are challenging and coming up in the market.

Best taxi apps in African countries in 2019


Tag your ride-South Africa

RogerantTshibangu, an Academic development officer at the University of Kwazulu Natal also a university graduate launched this app. This amazing app has its own standard of the price for the rides specified on their app to prevent people from overcharging feature. This amazing app mainly operates in Durban, Harare, and Pietermaritzburg. This wonderful app is available for all the platforms i.e. Google plays store iOS store and Windows platform.

Little cabs- Kenya

Little cab is a wonderful Kenyan ride-hailing app which is mainly operated by telecoms operator Safaricom. It allows the customers to pay for others as well as for their own ride via M-Pesa, Safaricom’s mobile money service etc. One can also buy a discounted airtime during the time of the trip and they can also use the free wi-fi in the cab. On can also book a classy ride of this taxi app without using their smartphones. They can book the ride by using the USSD system. One another amazing feature of this taxi app is that the female riders can request for a female driver from pm to 6 am keeping in mind about the safety features. The company also launched its service in Nigeria and Uganda in the year 2016.

Oga Taxi-Nigeria

Oga taxi app is available on the iOS App Store and Google play store. This awesome taxi app was launched in the year 2016. Just like Uber, this taxi app provides its passengers with three ride options- Deluxe, standard and Executive. This taxi app provides convenience to the customers to pay through the different options like with Card, cash or wallet. This taxi app basically operates in Port-Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos.

Yokoo rider-South Africa

South African Meter Taxi Association launched an app –Yokoo rider. This wonderful app was launched in the year 2017. One can download this app from the iOS or Android platform without a hitch. This app is mainly designed to improve the meter taxi association by constructing it more understandable by using the latest tools, technology, and framework. The registration process of the drivers includes a different set of rules and regulations and also different background checks related to criminal records and drug tests.

Smart cab-Nigeria

Smart cab app was launched in the year 2017 and its company is in Port-Harcourt, Benin, Lagos, and Ibadan. This app is one of the most liked apps in Nigeria. This application can be downloaded from iOS and Android play store. It offers different mind-blowing services to their customers like free wi-fi, passenger insurance, and Anti-Theft security, etc.


Maramoja is a Kenyan based taxi-hailing app which uses artificial intelligence to assign a driver, came from social media friends and phonebook contacts. This company has signed its contract with different 24 countries all over Africa to carry out a trust-based taxi app franchise in the market. Maramoja was also selected to participate in the Seedstars World summit in Switzerland in the year 2016. This wonderful app offers fixed fare for the customers to cover their distance from one place to another. This taxi hailing company offers flexible payment methods to their customers. On can pay their bill by using cash, debit cards, credit cards or wallet. This company is introducing a feature very soon by which the customers can report attacks, accidents or any other emergencies.

LEFA- Namibia

LEFA-Namibia is an on-demand application for the ride-hailing purpose which basically facilitates its service in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. MelkisedekAusiku launched this app and he always saw a dream of becoming a well-known reputed entrepreneur. This wonderful taxi service also offers transfer services for the International Airport of Hosea Kutako. It also participated in the Via Technology conference in the year 2018 in France.

Function of online taxi booking app

  • Download the app from the Android play store or iOS store.
  • Make registration on the app by providing your email address, phone number or any social media platform.
  • Select the type of vehicle that you want to get.
  • Enter your pickup and drop off location.
  • Within a few minutes, a professional and polite driver will come to your place to provide you with awesome service.
  • Enjoy your ride
  • After the ride is complete, make your payments by using cash, credit cards or debit cards. You can also pay the driver by using the wallet feature integrated into the app.
  • At last, provide your feedback and reviews to the company depending on your experiences.

By wrapping up the article, we can easily conclude that there are different taxi apps in the market of African countries but Uber, Taxify, Little cabs, Tag your ride, Oga taxi, Yookoo, Smart cab, Maramoja, and LEFA are the best and the Top taxi apps in African Countries 2019 as it provides a trustable services to their customers and also, these apps have developed a feeling of trust and credibility among the people.