ride hailling app

Thanks to the digital revolution, the once surreal dream of utilizing ride-hailing apps for convenient travel from one destination to the next has now become a reality for users!

A few taps on their smartphones or iPhones, and users are rewarded with a cab service at their designated pickup point. The service ensures not only convenient travel to their destination but also prioritizes their safety and security by providing essential information about the driver, among other features.

The question arises: where do ride-hailing apps have the highest user base? According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre, the United States has witnessed the maximum growth in users utilizing taxi booking apps over the past three years.

You might wonder why. In the United States, where the cost of living is comparatively high, the significance of using a ride-hailing app becomes even more pronounced. It offers a cost-effective solution that is gentle on the wallet.

Furthermore, in the US, these ride-hailing apps play a crucial role in ensuring that users reach their destinations punctually, allowing them to adhere to their daily schedules without any interruptions.

Who Are the Users Using the Ride Hailing App?

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre, individuals residing in urban areas with an annual income of less than 30,000 US Dollars, particularly those between the ages of 18 to 29, are the most frequent users of ride-hailing apps. In contrast, individuals aged 50 and above show less awareness and usage of these apps.

Now, let’s delve into the leading ride-hailing apps for the US in the year 2024. Explore the trailblazers that have completely transformed the travel experience for riders in the USA.

Top Ride Hailing Apps for 2024 in USA


Uber leads the way in providing ride-hailing services, standing out as the most widely used platform. Operating with a vast network of over 7 million drivers across more than 600 cities in the US, the app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. It allows users to travel solo or with fellow passengers, pick their preferred vehicle, and make multiple stops during their journey. Users also have the option to choose their preferred driver, ensuring both their own safety and that of the driver.


Lyft secures the second spot as a top ride-hailing app, catering its services to over 300 cities across the US. Available for download on both iOS and Android devices, the app provides passengers with the option to select from various vehicles and travel either individually or with other passengers.


Juno, a renowned ride-hailing app, is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms via the respective app stores. It is particularly popular among users residing in New York and New Jersey. The app operates on the principle that treating drivers well results in better treatment for users. Juno offers various services, including introductory discounts, a 30% discount for the first two weeks of a rider’s journey, in-app tipping to appreciate 5-star service from the driver, and live 24/7 support through phone, email, and text. These features contribute to its popularity among both users and drivers.


Curb stands out as a well-known ride-hailing app facilitating fast, convenient, and secure rides for users across the US. With a fleet of over 50,000 cabs and a driver network exceeding 100,000, the app ensures a smooth and seamless travel experience for riders. Available for download on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, Curb remains a popular choice among users.


The Wingz App is predominantly utilized in cities such as San Francisco, Austin, and Seattle, streamlining the travel experience for riders, particularly those arriving from long flights. Offering the unique feature of scheduling rides up to 2 months in advance, users can plan without concerns about surge pricing or safety issues. The app is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.


Via stands as a well-received ride-hailing app for both Android and iPhone, embodying the mantra “We Ride Together.” This app caters to users in cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington DC, offering the convenience of booking a ride on their devices. Users are picked up at a nearby corner, have the option to share their ride with others, resulting in cost savings, and contribute to emission reduction.


Operating on the mantra “Safety First,” Flywheel is available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, primarily used in cities like Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. Flywheel users enjoy the convenience of securing a fast ride promptly. One of its notable services is eHail, enabling riders to quickly obtain the nearest available taxi within minutes. The app provides smart tracking features, allowing riders to stay informed about the taxi’s current location and estimated time of arrival.


Arro is a downloadable app available on both iOS and Android devices, offering a distinctive ride-hailing experience for residents in cities like Boston, Chicago, Houston, etc. Users can easily hail a taxi with a simple tap of a button and make payments through the same convenient method. The app ensures fast pickups, straightforward payments, and eliminates surge pricing. It also prioritizes accessibility, including features like wheelchair accommodation and trained drivers. With 24/7 customer support, Arro maintains safety standards by employing professional and legally licensed drivers, among other measures.

With these apps not only the users have gotten an altogether transformational and revolutionary ride experience but have also helped the business build a name for itself through its out of the box services. Thus, making them the best ride hailing apps for users in the US for the year 2024.