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Top Selling App like Uber Clone Solution is the Passkey to Enter the Online Taxi Booking Industry! Yes! This User-Friendly App allows you to provide Safe, Smooth, and Secure Taxi Rides to your App Users. Thereby, helping you increase your Customer-Base in this Multi-Billion US Dollar Market. Want to know how? Find out below – 


So, how does this Taxi Booking Uber Clone App provide you a Safe Ride? Well, it is all decked with Features such as Restricted Passengers Limit and Face Mask Verification. Customizable Uber like App also showcases a Safety Checklist to both the Rider and the Taxi Driver, which includes Reminders such as to Wear a Face Mask and sanitize your Hands. Both the Parties have to confirm the Safety Measures taken by clicking on the ‘OK’ Button. Only after this step, they would be able to Book/Accept the Ride Requests. 

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It is really simple and quick to Book an Online Taxi Ride with this Easy-To-Use Application. One has to simply Log-In into the Best Taxi App and Add the Pick-Up and Destination Address. At the next Screen, one can select the Car Type as per one’s Choice. Moving further, one has to opt for the Payment Methods available such as that of an In-App Wallet, Credit Card, or Cash. Additionally, using the ‘Book for Later’ Feature, the App Users can Schedule their Taxi Ride for a Later Time in the Day. 


Your App Users can choose to get a Taxi Ride with one of their Favourite Taxi Drivers. Moreover, one has got the Back of a Well-Resourced Team of Support Professionals to help in case of any Technical Issues or Queries. This Fully Customizable Uber Clone Application has an exclusive Provision for the Female Riders, who prefer to get only the Women Taxi Drivers for their Trips. Apart from this, if one is travelling alone, the ‘Tracing Ride by Family/Friends’ Feature would help their Loved Ones keep an eye on their Real-Time Location. 


With the iWatch App, your App Users can now book Taxi Rides using their Apple Smartwatches! They also get the Option to Reach their Destination with Multiple Pre-Decided Stops in Between with the ‘Stop-Over Points’ Feature. And in case, they need to have a Lunch, or Shop something, they can even ask the Taxi Driver to take a Halt in-between. Herein, the App User receives a Notification that ‘Your Ride has been put on Hold by the Taxi Driver’ which one needs to confirm by clicking on the ‘OK’ Button. 


Authentic Taxi App is the Best Solution to give your Business a Jumpstart in the Online Taxi Rides Industry! This Useful App is the Paved Way towards Earning Millions of US Dollars with your Taxi Booking Business. Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you want to Feature on the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine for being the most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and establish your Monopoly within Days of Launch in this Online Platform Industry!

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