ride hailling app

Who would have thought that one could get ride hailing apps to help them travel from one destination to the next! Thanks to the digital revolution, though, this surreal dream became a reality for the users!

With a few taps on their devices like smartphone or iPhone they would be rewarded with a cab service at their pickup point. They will be also dropped to their destination. Thus, making the travelling purpose more convenient for them along with ensuring their safety and security through keeping them enlightened about the information of the driver, etc to name a few.

So, the question goes, where would you find maximum users using the ride-hailing apps? As per a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre, maximum users using the taxi booking app over the last three years are in the US.

Why you may ask? In the US, the price of living is relatively high. Thus, the use of a ride hailing app becomes all the more important. It is reasonable and does not cost too much on the wallet.

Also, these ride-hailing apps help users in the US reach their destination on time. Thus, making it possible for them to not miss out on their daily schedule.

Who Are the Users Using the Ride Hailing App?

The Pew Research Centre concluded in a survey that those living in urban areas and having an annual income or earning less than 30,000 US Dollars and falling between the ages 18 to 29 use these ride-hailing apps the maximum while those who have crossed the age of 50 are less aware of them.

Let us now take a look into the top ride hailing apps for the US in the year 2019. See those stalwarts who have altogether revolutionized the travel process of riders in the USA.

Top Ride Hailing Apps for 2019 in USA


Uber tops in the services of offering ride-hailing to riders and comes as being the most popular one. With over 7 million drivers in over 600 cities in the US, Anyone can download this app across iOS and Android devices. It helps users travel alone or with other passengers. They can choose the vehicle of their choice to stop at multiple points during their trip. The users can also choose the driver of their choice and ensure their and the driver’s safety and security at the same time


Lyft is the second best ride-hailing app offering its services in over 300 cities in the US. It is downloadable over iOS and Android devices allowing passengers to choose from different vehicles or travel with other passengers etc.


Juno is a famous ride hailing app downloadable over Android and iOS play store and app store for users mostly living in New York and New Jersey. It is based on the mantra, Juno treats drivers better and they treat you better. In other words, if the service provider is treated like a king, they will treat the customer like a king too. It offers services like introductory discounts, 30% for the first two weeks of travel of rider, in-app tipping to tip the driver for a 5 Star Service and a live 24/7 phone, email as well as text support which makes it quite popular among the user and the driver.


Curb is a popular ride-hailing app that connects riders in the US to fast, convenient as well as safe rides. It has over 50,000 cabs and over 100,000 drivers and makes the travel of a rider an easy and seamless process. People download this app on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.


The Wingz App is mostly used in San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, etc. It makes traveling for riders from a long flight an easy and convenient process. The app allows users to schedule their rides 2 months in advance. They can do this without the worry of surge pricing or safety issues.  The app can be downloaded across iPhone and Android devices.


Via is a popular ride hailing apps for Android and iPhone based on the mantra, We Ride Together. It allows users living in Chicago, New York and Washington DC book a ride on their device. The users get picked up at a nearby corner, share their ride with others and save their cash as well as reduce emissions.


Flywheel runs on the mantra Safety First. It is downloadable over the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This is mostly used in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. Flywheel users allow to get a fast ride within a jiffy. Some of their services include eHail. It allows the riders to get the closest taxi to their disposal. This is done within a few minutes as well as smart tracking by allowing the rider to get acquainted with the current location of the taxi and. Also, the time it would take to reach them.


Arro is an app downloadable over iOS and Android device. This ride-hailing a unique process for the riders living in Boston, Chicago, Houston, etc. It allows them to hail the taxi with the tap of a button and pay through the same method. The app allows users to get a fast pickup, make easy payments, make no surge pricing. Get easy accessibility, like wheelchairs, trained drivers. It allows 24 hours of customer support, maintains safety through the hire of professional and legally licensed drivers, etc.

With these apps not only the users have gotten an altogether transformational and revolutionary ride experience but have also helped the business build a name for itself through its out of the box services. Thus, making them the best ride hailing apps for users in the US for the year 2019.