On Demand Uber for X Marketing Plan for Startup

Making a marketing plan for your on demand business can be a very mind-boggling thing, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs. There are so many possibilities available and therefore it is natural that the mind does get boggled. Some of the following questions for your upcoming Uber for X might be running through your mind.

  • How do I reach my audience? Shall I use Twitter or Facebook?
  • Do I need to build my own website?
  • Where shall I host it?
  • Do I need to use Facebook Ads or Google Ads?
  • Do I need to set up an Instagram account?

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Let’s take a back seat from all these questions and concentrate on the three most important questions that you should be asking at this stage.

Who will be using my Uber for X app?

This is one question where you will need specific answers for your app users. You will require details like their age group, what they do for a living, their area of residence, if they have pets or not, their marital status etc.

It’s obvious that you will not target any specific audience of any certain age group. At a minimum, you will target a small city where there will be no app-based service will be available. And if somehow it is available then what type of services are there for the native people.

According to the studies, from the last couple of years, almost every countryman is now dependant on these app-based services. The services that have made their lives much easier. People are now way much convenient with the use of these service app. Everything is available on their doorsteps. Nobody has to step out of his or her houses. But still, there are many countries where technology and the use of a smartphone are growing. But the on demand services through app have no mark on their land. People are still used to with those old-school trends of purchasing items and asking for a service from a service provider.

Well, a place where people do not have any on demand service via a robust app. That place can be the best platform for you to launch your on-demand service with your seamless app. People will love to use your app if they find reliability. To make your on-demand service app reliable, you will have to optimize your app for the native people.

Consider using the native language as a default app. So that people can easily under what menu has which option. Also make sure that while you are at it, you get the local currency integrated in the app. These will definitely help people make the payments. Do not take payment gateways lightly. You have to make sure that you take a secure payment gateway for the safety of your customers.  

Also, use social media to spread an awareness about your uber for X app. Because those people may have not been familiar with all the options and features that you’re giving to them. To enjoy the services, they will require a demo and to spread that demo, use social media. Make your business pages and post videos and pictures about your on demand service app.

This information, along with any other information will help you design your app according to these specifications.

  • What unique service is your app bringing that will make your users want to download and use it?

What you are addressing here is one thing that will set you apart from your competitors, in other words, a core competency. If the service you are introducing is one that has no competitors then you can bet that you and your app will be the talk of the town.

Since you are treading on virgin territory, a territory that everyone is talking about, then you should be able to address his or her biggest problems and how your app will help solve them. Use this fact as a marketing tool for your app and attract users to download the app.

Consider making a separate list of the services that are available for them in the city or place where you are willing to establish your app based business. This will help you to know what services you should place within your uber for X app. Be the first one to provide that unique service to the public out there. If you will be the only one person in a city to offer that service. People will be more eager to download your app to enjoy your services. That’s how you will be able to get more downloads as well as the more sale too.

  • Identify The Competition: How Are You Different From Them?

This is where your Uber for X app will position itself among the competition.  Find out who your direct competitors are and how they attract users. If you think that you have no direct competition then look beyond and check out the indirect competition. Indirect competitors may not necessarily be in the same industry as yours but they might be targeting your user market.

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It is therefore important to know the message that they are sending out to the users so that you can send an altogether different message to the users this differentiating yourself from the competition, and leveraging your core competency at the same time.

Now you are all set to build and market your own uber for x app, the one business where you simply cannot go wrong. It is one concept that has overtaken the world. It is a concept that all services and products are embracing, not to forget that customers also want this concept. The concept that provides convenience on the go.

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