On Demand App Statistics That will Amaze You

on demand mobile app

Busy and hectic life of people all over the world makes it important to have solutions to assist them in getting their tasks completed in the fastest manner.

Also, since it is but a known fact that businesses are profitable when they take advantages of those needs and deliver solutions, makes it important to create solutions such as the on-demand apps.

These solutions, in turn, make it easy for the customers to receive quick delivery of their desired goods or services.

Operations of On-Demand Mobile App

All that they have to do is place a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively and book services or order a delivery.

As soon as they perform this step, they can be assured to get the item delivered in a matter of minutes.

These factors, in turn, have played a key role in assisting the solution to have a promising and flourishing future.

According to a report published by the Harvard Business, it suggests that the on demand economy attracts 22.4 million consumers every year.

A report by PwC suggests on demand mobile app market to make revenue close to 336 billion dollars around 2025.

This goes on to suggest that the on-demand service industry holds an extremely profitable future.

Reason for Popularity of Mobile App amongst Customers

First, with the presence of solutions such as mobile apps, it has become possible for users at large to avail of different services starting from their food delivery to cab services.

Also, they can avail of services like beauty etc. just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device.

Second mobile apps help the customers to locate the service providers nearest to them and receive quick services anytime anywhere.

Third, the solution assists the customers to find service providers or items that suit their budget courtesy the filtered search done by them.

This has led to the overall popularity of mobile apps amongst users all over the world. Also, it has gone on to help them greatly in receiving a quick delivery of their goods and services.

Now, the next question worth asking is what makes these solutions so popular among the businesses and the service providers?

Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile Apps amongst Businesses and Service Providers

First, courtesy the presence of the mobile apps, businesses can automate their daily operational activities. These mostly include managing their inventory, their bills, updating their opening and closing hours, to name a few.

Second, the solution assists the business in keeping track of the commissions earned by them in a more simplified manner by doing so in a statistical or graphical format.

Third, the solution assists the service providers to streamline their daily organizational activities like keeping track of their appointments, updating the range of services provided by them, manage the documents uploaded by them, and so on and so forth.

Fourth, the mobile apps help the service providers to set their availability online. As soon as they perform this step, they can help their customers in knowing their availability to perform the task.

Finally, the solution helps the service providers a good earning opportunity. It also gives them access to more jobs on the basis of the past tasks done by them.

On Demand Mobile App Development

Through all these factors, it thus becomes clear that on demand apps are a win-win strategic idea for the businesses.

With the help of these, the business can successfully automate their daily operational activities. Also, they can earn a handsome commission, deliver quick services to the customers and gain greater customer outreach.

Also they would act as a medium to assist the service providers to streamline their daily organizational activities. This, in turn, would assist them in earning a good income along the way.

The medium also helps the customer at large to receive quick services anytime, anywhere. Also, it assists them in getting a library display of stores, items and service providers nearest to them. It also assists them in finding their desired items in the fastest manner and receive transparent prices for the same.

The presence of mobile apps also allows new businesses to list their services and gain maximum exposure and customer outreach.

This now leads to the on demand app statistics. These shall certainly be enough to predict the bright future of the industry.

On-Demand App Statistics That Will Amaze You

  1. Approximately 45 percent of the mobile app users hold a degree
  2. Apparently around 68 percent of the mobile app users have an annual income of around 50,000 dollars
  3. The average age range of those using a mobile app is between 25 to 44 years old
  4. Due to increased rise in the demands of the customers in today’s day and age, it has been predicted that with the presence of solutions such as a mobile app, the user outreach would become around approximately 35 billion dollars by the year 2025

So, through all these on demand app statistics, it becomes clear that the mobile apps are a solution that is bringing and shall continue to bring immense profits to the industry and help it in gaining a greater customer outreach.