Rule the Transportation Industry with Ola Clone App

ola clone app

The transportation industry has undergone many changes over the last few years. Ever since Uber introduced the On Demand concept of getting taxis, things took off from there. As more and more people started relying on mobile apps for their taxi rides, many entrepreneurs started taking an interest in this business. This is probably why; many entrepreneurs resorted to building their own on demand taxi apps. 

If you wish to start your own on demand taxi services business, then you need a good app to base your business on. To do this, there are two ways in which you can approach the situation:

  1. Build your own on demand taxi services app from scratch.
  2. Buy an Ola Clone App that functions exactly like the existing brand’s app

Let us understand both these methods one at a time to take a look at which one seems to be the perfect match for your own individual business requirements. 

1.Building your own on demand taxi services app from scratch.

Building a taxi app isn’t as easy as it might seem. There are many components associated with it that ensure that the application is actually functional and can be practically used to provide ride services. Please note that there are many things within an app that make it practical. For example, it’s not just booking a ride that customers want to do. Customers want to have the choice of being able to pick the type of ride most suited for their budget or travel plan. They have to be offered a range of choices like a small car, a luxury car and an SUV. 

There are options too that might be useful for the use. For example, does your customer want to share a ride or whether they are interested in riding solo and so on and so forth. You have to make sure that you can offer these options to your users. To build so many complexities within this application you have to ensure that you only have experts at the fore front of building the application. 

The app needs to have an android, an iOS and a website for the user as well as the driver’s apps. What’s more the company website is also important as a marketing front and also a place that offers information to the customers. The website will eventually also serve the purpose of a web booking platform in case your customers don’t want to download the app to use it. 

In Conclusion

To build something of this magnitude, people need a lot of time and a lot of money. If you aren’t worried about following a strict timeline or have access to a lot of capital, then building the app from scratch should not be difficult provided your experts have appropriate experience in developing such on demand apps and launching them. Also, make sure you hire a good designer to help out with the appropriate design of the application. 

2. Buy an Ola Clone App that Functions Exactly like the existing brand’s app

Another very popular solution to the ‘where to get the right app problem’ is that people prefer to purchase a readymade clone of an existing platform like OLA. There are many advantages to doing so. Essentially, when you purchase an OLA clone app, you don’t have to worry about anything regarding development. 

This means, you are not tasked with scouting the right team of developers and readying the infrastructure needed to build the app. As discussed earlier in this blog post, one has to understand that building an app requires a lot in terms of capital, human resource and, of course, the technology stack.

In Conclusion

The company spends its resources to ready the app for you based on the script of a tried and tested existing app that has been used by hundreds of thousands of the people in the real world. 

The white label company hires expert developers. This includes Android, iOS, PHP, Data Base analysts, systems analysts, Quality Assurance team and most importantly a Project Manager. They also invest in building the infrastructure needed for a state of the art development center.

Once they build the app for you, they sell it to you along with the source code of the application. When you purchase the app from them, they simply white label it with your brand name. This includes your company logo and also apply the color themes that are in sync with your company’s brand language. 

This process takes about 4 to 5 business days. Therefore it is safe to say that with the help of an app clone, you save on time and money. But, you also reach the market to achieve proper market penetration at the right time. 

Why does a faster launch to market matter so much?

Well, there are many ways you can look at this. Some people prefer their business app to tailor as per their requirements. However, understand that the market already has been exposed to work in certain mechanism. This means that people are using apps to hire cabs. Reinventing the wheel might not be the brightest idea. Because you are essentially forcing your customers to unlearn the things that they are used to.

Another thing is that the behavior of users is continuously evolving. The needs, the requirements that a customer wants from a particular on demand taxi app changes with time. If you spend your time, money in developing an app, by the time you launch, it will be old. This is where the timing comes into play. The app is absolutely current with respect to the expectations of your customers. 

On the Whole

The last word on this matter can be subjective. There are hundreds of ways in which you can proceed with a business. However, our experience of over 8 years has given us data to compare the results of different business models. Adpting an OLA clone app is the fastest, most cost efficient and healthy way for a business.