Engrave your Name in the Multi-Service Business Industry with App Like Gojek Malaysia

multi service business


App like Gojek Malaysia is One Single Digital Platform that offers 82+ On-Demand Services. From Booking Taxi Rides, placing Grocery Orders, to hiring an Electrician to fix the Electrical Surges and Dips, this App has Instant Solutions for everything! Unquestionably, this App is Diamond Studd! And by Diamond, we mean its Futuristic Features. One cannot Emphasize enough the Importance of these Features. The Trailblazing, Robust, and Interactive Features are meant to amplify the Experience your App Delivers to the Users. And alongside, the Service-Provider Specific Features also play an Equal Part in helping your App Remark its Presence in the Online Multi Service Business. 

What is Online-Multi Service Business? Well,  this Business is conduct on Digital Platforms where Entrepreneurs Multiply their Profits by offering a Basketful of On-Demand Services. 


Suppose you’re offering Multiple Services through one Single Platform, but aren’t collecting enough Profits in Return! What could be the One Possible Reason for all this? Well, it can be the Lack of the Latest App Features in your Gojek Clone App Malaysia! 

Then, which Features should the Entrepreneur Equip in the App? To know this, let’s skim through some of the Astounding Features to include in your Gojek-like App Malaysia. 

1. OTP Verification Before the Provider Starts the Service 

The One-Time-Password or OTP is the Extra Layer of Security that must be added to each and every Service offered on your App. An OTP is a 4 Digit Numeric Code that is sent to the Service Provider’s Registered Email ID and Phone Number. 

The OTP Verification is done before the Provider Starts the Service. Thus, making the entire Service Process Safe and Transparent for the App User. 

OTP Verification Feature can be implemented in various On-Demand Services like: 

  • Parcel Delivery 
  • Food Delivery 
  • Taxi Ride
  • Beauticians 
  • Car Wash 
  • Handyman Services, etc. 

2. Cancel the Taxi Ride if WHO Guidelines are Being Violat 

The Rider and the Taxi Driver both get the luxury to Cancel the Ride if either of the party is seen violat the World Health Organization (WHO) Issued Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. For example, a Rider can Cancel the Trip if the Taxi Driver is not Wearing a Face Mask. However, when Cancelling the Ride, the Rider simply has to select an appropriate Reason from the Drop-Down List that appears on their Phone’s Screen. Such as, in this case, the Reason that Rider should select is – No Face Mask or Cover.

3. Record and Upload Voice Instructions for Delivery Driver 

Apps like Gojek Malaysia have this Startling Feature that allows the App Users to Record and Upload Voice Notes for Delivery Drivers. The Users can easily instruct the Drivers about how to Park their Two-Wheeler Vehicle, where to Drop-Off the Package for a Contactless Delivery, etc.! 

How to record the Voice Note? After reviewing the Order on the Checkout Page, the Users can leave Voice Note under the ‘Delivery Instruction’ Section with just a Single Tap! They can also listen to their own Voice Message and Delete it if the Voice seems to be cracking; some external noises disrupt the recording, etc.  

This Feature lets the Driver make a Seamless and Quick Contactless Delivery! 


Want to own Gojek Clone App and rule the Multi-Service Industry? Have you always wished to make Easy and Quick Money? Well, now is your Time to Shine and become the Most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022! 

To turn your Dreams into Reality, contact a Licensed White-Labeling Firm. See that the Firm is Well-Establish and has at least a Decade-long Industrial Experience in Launching Gojek like App on a Daily-Basis!