Can an App be Both: Taxi with Delivery App?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the market is flooding with the number of taxi apps. There are way too many options prevalent and hey, there’s still room for more! The thing about taxi applications is that because of the sheer number there’s hardly anything unique left about any company. Since business is the core area of importance, let us look at it from a different angle.

How do people make money with the taxi apps?

The basic principle of any app to make money (in the Uber-like app segment) is through commission generated every time a booking is made through the app. This means the best way to drive sales is to ensure more and more users use the app. However, why will your users use this app? They will use it if there are more and more service providers.

So, in the end, the only way to ensure that the app owner continues to make a lot of money in the app is by ensuring that the user interface remains superior and the driver side of the app is also seamless and easy to use.  As one can achieve this with the help of an existing company that is selling cloned apps, this should not be very difficult. However, this brings us back to our previous question, what makes one app better than the other?

The crux of an app

So, if you are reading this article, chances are that you have been doing your research in order to start your own car booking app. You must have then, also noticed that there are a plethora of companies claiming to make the best apps willing to sell Uber clone to you. So, what will you keep as the basis to decide which one to buy? You need something more. Something additional to the pre-existing model. Not just features, you need an extra unique selling point. You can buy all sorts of additional features like call masking, multi-language, multi-currency and so on and so forth, but it will still only allow your users to book rides and nothing else.

This is where the innovation comes into the picture. The next big idea is the Uber ride combines with a delivery app. The quintessence of this taxi with a delivery app is that it allows you to book a ride as well as send packages for delivery. One app two roles. This is an enhancement which will facilitate your users in multiple ways. Your client won’t have to download and keep 2 different apps for this. Uber for deliveries is also catching up in the market because it is a very unique app. The market, however, isn’t saturated with these services so there is a lot of scopes here.

How does the delivery part work?

The delivery app can be used by just about anyone. Regardless of whether you have an envelope or a huge bag of cement, anything that needs going from point A to point B can be sent through the Uber Delivery app. On the other end, which is the service provider end, anyone with any kind of vehicle who is willing to deliver things can register as a service provider.

This automatically entails a lot of users. Going back to the circle of business discussed earlier, the more the service providers, the popular it gets among users. And the popular it gets amongst the users, the better it is for the app owner to make a commission.

The Core Feature of Taxi With Delivery App

  • Live Tracking

In this combined app, there are various technologies that are used to track the deliverer as well as the taxi driver. With the help of GPS technology and Google Map, the rider can locate the driver as well as the deliverer through their smartphone. Not only the rider can track the driver, but the driver can also track the location of the rider after accepting the request.

PUBNUB technology is also a part of this app. Well, PUBNUB is a real-time location tracking technology which tells the exact location of both drivers as well as the rider. With the help of PUBNUB, one can even get the exact direction as well as the distance between them.

  • Multiple Payment Option

There are two types of payment options available in this app. One is that an individual can pay directly through cash to the driver or the deliverer. Second is the customer can pay through online payment option. But, in the online payment option, there are two different payment modes. One can pay through their bank debit or credit card and he or she can also pay through wallet also.

The online payment is very safe as the app has secured payment gateways. With the help of payment gateways, the online transactions remain safe.

The hybrid – Taxi with Delivery App

This kind of a hybrid app just ensures that both kinds of people use your app, regardless of whether they are looking just for a ride or looking to get their things delivered from one place to another. Money making in the taxi with delivery app business is a very simple process if it clicks. Otherwise, you might be doomed too. It is of critical significance that you choose to go for a company that has a good track record with such products. On the whole, the hybrid Taxi with delivery app is the way to go if you want to begin your business now!

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