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The on-demand service industry has gone on to make the life of customers all over the world reasonably easy. It also assists them in getting a quick delivery of their desired goods as well as services.

Also it has helped the industry greatly in innovating the services provided by them to the users.

According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy attracts close to 22.4 million consumers worldwide every year.

These customers spend close to 57.6 billion dollars on the items. This, in fact, goes on to suggest the promising and flourishing future of the on-demand service industry, altogether.

The on-demand service industry especially witnessed a revolution with the inception of TaskRabbit. 


TaskRabbit is an American online marketplace connecting freelance labour to the local demands of the consumers. The services are provided in the location of the customer itself.

Using this solution, the service provider is able to automate their daily organizational tasks like managing their daily jobs, keep track of their earnings and setting their availability in order to start delivering their services.

Some of the services provided by TaskRabbit include –

  1. Mounting
  2. Installation
  3. Moving & Packing
  4. Furniture Assembly
  5. Cleaning
  6. General Handyman
  7. Heavy Lifting

According to an article published in the Verified Market Research,the home service industry might see growth close to 18.91%. The article also suggests that the industry might generate revenues close to 1133.40 billion dollars.

Thus, the home service industry is overall a flourishing and promising industry that helps independent contractors get jobs. Also, it provides them an opportunity to earn a handsome income along the way. The solution promises the users of quick services. Also, it promises the business owners of generating enormous profits as well as huge user base.

So, if you are thinking of building a solution similar to TaskRabbit, first and foremost, it is the best decision. However, keep in mind these tips so as to serve your customers better and generate huge profits along the way.

 home services app like taskrabbit

Points to Remember While Building a Home Services App like TaskRabbit

  1. Provide a large number of services in your app
  2. Maintain a schedule booking in your app so that users can schedule the services for the later date
  3. Contain a feedback and review tab to keep track of the user’s experience and improve your current services.
  4. Provide push notifications so that you can let your users know the new services you provide
  5. Make sure to contain an an in-app chat feature. This shall help users receive quick help.
  6. Identify the platform usually operated by your users so as to gain maximum of them for your app like TaskRabbit. 

Also integrate and incorporate other features like tracking, service invoice, booking history, etc., to name a few. These features will first and foremost help you serve your customers better. Finally, it will assist you in making enormous profits. Also, it shall act as a catalyst to create a successful home services app like TaskRabbit

So concluding, keep these points handy, and build a helping home service industry for your users that will go on to bring enormous revenues for you in the long run.