Gojek Clone : Why Do You Need A White-Labeled Mobile App For The On-Demand Market In Vietnam?

Gojek Clone Vietnam

Mobile app development comes up with two opportunities – developing the app from scratch or purchasing a ready-made app. The two options vary greatly. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss which is the best choice for you! Before moving on, here’s the gist of what comes forth. Developing an app from scratch sounds enticing but it is tough on the pockets. Whereas, a white-labeled solution like the Gojek Clone app In Vietnam is easy on the pockets plus brings additional benefits to the table. Let’s explore. 

What Is a White-label App Solution? 

A white-label app solution is the best business solution one can ever have! A white-label solution is developed by one company and then sold to other companies. Such apps are a “thing” for startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for a quick way to earn money and establish their own business in the on-demand market! 

Its development: 

There are two ways for developing a white-label app, such as: 

  1. The app development experts reuse their backend code with a bit of alteration and serve a new frontend code to make it unique to the business. 
  2. The features of the mobile app are similar but the entrepreneur can choose to add or edit a few of them as per their requirements. 

Gojek Clone App In Vietnam: The Best White-labeled Solution for Your Business 

Custom apps are very different from white-labeled apps. If we compare the two, entrepreneurs and startup owners who don’t want to wait long to achieve success can opt for white-labeled multi-service apps. Here are a few reasons why apps like Gojek Clone are the best! 

1. Reduced time to market 

White-labeling an app means you already have the base app. All you need is to integrate your favorite services, features, color theme, brand name & logo, etc. Integrating the mentioned things on your app takes only 1 to 2 weeks. In short, you’d be able to launch the app in just a few days rather than waiting for nearly half a decade of design, code, and launch in the market. 

2. It is affordable 

Getting the pre-built apps is affordable as compared to building the app from scratch! To build an app from the ground up takes at least a quarter to a billion dollars. However, to purchase, white-label, and launch the Gojek Clone app In Vietnam takes only a fraction of this amount. In short, you will have to incur only a small investment amount to launch and own a fully-fledged, mature, and optimized app. 

3. Fewer bugs and maintenance 

Since the white-label multi-service app is made with a reused base, it tends to have reduced bugs or mistakes in the code. Moreover, the code is already tried and tested, making the application much smoother and appropriate for those who want to earn easy and quick money! 

In brief, your mobile application is bug-free and requires less maintenance! 

4. Free app upgrades 

If you are purchasing the white-label solution, you need not worry about upgrading them. Why? Because the white-labeling firm will zip and send you free app upgrades for two years depending on the package you choose. 


On the whole, the white-label Gojek Clone App In Vietnam is the best business solution one could invest in in 2022 and beyond! So, take the chance while you still can and launch the app in the market. Get to earn easy and quick money without having to splurge all your savings on this app!