Caring for the Community with the Gojek app

The Gojek app has been revolutionary in more ways than one. It has been able to successfully turn an unorganized sector of income into something unique, profitable and definitely organized. Gojek has been a perfect example of how technology can successfully be a medium. Solution to give back to the community while making money.

The Gojek application is basically an app that enables bike drivers to get an income through the means of offering rides or even deliveries. The Gojek app was named after the bikes that are popularly known as Ojek in Indonesia.

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The Spark Called Digital Wave

The digital wave has swept the whole world. Technology has made so many things possible today. Unlike the yesteryears where people would rely only on their hands and legs to for just about everything, a digital assistant in the form of a smartphone has been a boon.

A smartphone equipped with a good mobile application can help you do just about anything. You can book rides, book movie tickets, buy clothes, buy food from restaurants, buy pets, pay bills and much more just with the help of mobile apps.

Gojek was Unique Because of Two Major Things:

  1. It was a single app solution for just about all your needs.
  2. It was originated with the novel concept of booking “bikes” as taxis.

How does Gojek Give Back?

Obviously, the basic aim of any business is to make money. So, operating on the same principle, Gojek too aimed at becoming a big business with multiple verticals and earn a lot of money. However, the app like gojek has served the people of Indonesia real well.


Ojek drivers who did not have the right resources to find rides have now been able to find jobs in a streamlined fashion. It is entirely possible that an Ojek driver is standing on the corner of a place very close to a rider but can’t see him or her. They lose out on a number of such possible rides because of physical proximity. However, with the app, whenever someone books a ride every driver within the predefined proximity gets the request.


For riders, this app is a boon. It helps people get rides instantly without having to scour for people who are willing to take a passenger. The booking process is seamless, streamlined and effective. The moment someone pushes the Find Ride option and a driver accepts it. The ride gets confirmed. But the biggest advantage is that the rider gets to see the estimated price BEFORE booking the ride. This completely removes the element of surprise in the prices and makes for an easy transaction.

General Earnings

The app has definitely increased the earnings of the local people. Since finding rides is completely automated, the scope of business has increased magnificently. There are so many people today who are being able to find rides. Also, make money by simply registering into the application.

This definitely speaks volumes about the development of the community and the country. With more revenue generation and circulation of money, the overall health of the country’s financial system has gotten a big boost.

Since everything that happens through the app is transparent and documented, the government receives proper taxes and there is no scope for any blindsides or loopholes. The Gojek app has been able to help in uplifting the general state of the government by offering an organized platform.  The income for the locals to It is a complete win-win.


Starting your own Gojek like business

If you believe that you can’t really make a business out of a platform like Gojek then you are mistaken. Having a multiple service app like Gojek is practically your only commercially viable way to give back to the community.

If you want to make sure that you too can make money out of a mobile app, it is perhaps the wisest thing for you to do to invest in a gojek clone application. This app is the ultimate solution for you to make money instantly using an app.

The app will basically allow you to create a set percentage per service as a commission. Every time someone uses the application to book any kind of services in the industry, you stand to make a commission.

The best thing is that you don’t have to charge the client for these services. The price is fixed for them, but from the amount that is charged to the service provider, you will end up getting a percentage from that amount.

In Conclusion

In concluding, it is evident that the overall scenario of the Gojek app has been very helpful in giving back to the community while making a lot of money on their own. Now, while this is the story of one country, many people are becoming keen on taking it up and starting their own business with it.

This is probably why you would find many Gojek clone app in the market. These apps have been built just like the primary Gojek app. Also, help individuals to launch and establish their own Gojek like multiple vertical businesses in different countries and different regions.

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