Top business myths for budding Appreneurs

We often hear people blaming the present generation and calling them inefficient, easily bored and irritable. But what we often fail to understand or acknowledge is the fact that people today, including the previous generation (our generation), have the zeal to try something new.

The youth today is not conformist. It is wild. It believes in trying out the new, venturing into unexpected yet promising new territories and digging out the gold from there. With the help of developing new and latest technologies, these entrepreneurial possibilities have gotten new meaning and direction.

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But doubt is like the night dew that dampens every dry twig of hope and makes it impossible to light the fire of success. This is why, we thought of putting together an article of the most common myths regarding starting a new business.

Myth no. 1

You need to have a great idea

Well, really, it’s not that important.  The digital age has given rise to the service sector like never before. But reaching and accessing service providers has turned into a whole new entrepreneurial play field by itself.

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This is why more and more people are turning to services that essentially act as platforms that bring service providers together with customers. So, there’s no need for a new idea. Take something existing from the market, invest in it and turn it into a successful business.

Myth no. 2

One idea at a time

Gone are the days when people would have to wait to see if one thing was being successful before they ventured into the next idea. Today is the time for parallel processing. Have two ideas or three? Launch them together. All you need is a bit of capital and a push in the right direction.

Myth no. 3

Starting any business needs lots of money

The shape of business has changed today. Businesses aren’t restricted to complex processes like production, maintenance and development. With a swift and clear shift towards information technology, the capital required for any business in the app field or information technology segment has reduced majorly.

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These days, the term “appreneur” is quite popular. This basically means an entrepreneur whose business is based on various kinds of mobile and web applications. This brings down the requirement of heavy investment and can give a business with high returns on very little investment.

Myth no. 4

Cloned apps are illegal

Cloned apps come with licenses. It is completely legal and one of the best options for business today. These apps basically have been create legally and are based on open sourced scripts of the pre existing apps with successful business models. This means that the initial step of research and development is completely obliterated, thereby saving a whole lot of money. These apps have also been used by millions of users globally therefore it is bound to be successful and is very easy to be approved and launched over the Google Play store and iOS stores.

Money in the app based business

The app based businesses are essentially money churners that require little or no effort from the site owners. The apps are design in a way that they do all the money computing and assessment by themselves. Since the service providers are independent vendors, there is no investment in building inventory.

The apps work in a way which makes sure that every time a user uses the app to book a particular service, the app owner gets a pre decided commission. This ensures that the app owner is require to make only an initial investment in buying the app and its set up, while the income continues to build over with more usage.