3 Best Food Delivery Apps used Across the Globe

Yes, food delivery has now become a real big deal in term of the business. Brands from different parts of the world are coming up with their latest and advance business models that are actually fulfilling the requirements of the customers. Their aim is to provide their best food delivery services to their customers. Food ordering and delivery apps have changed the trend of the market.

Before, the restaurant and hotels were facing many problems in taking orders as well as in delivery too. The orders were used to take place through the phone calls and it was way much difficult for the restaurants. As well as hotel people to elaborate their menu on phone. The phone calls used to continue for a longer period of time which was actually frustrating. Also, due to the long calls, they were losing the other customers that lead them to a huge loss. However, the entry of food delivery app made restaurants as well as hotels popular in their native cities. There are different food delivery apps that are being used by customers in different countries. Many of them have even expanded their business in multiple countries and still are in the list of favorite food delivery app.

Food Delivery Apps

To explore them in a better way, let’s take you the list of top food delivery apps in the world.


Caviar is one of the best food delivery app that offers the best services in the cities of the United States. The sponsor of this app are the credit & debit card reader company -Square. The most special thing about this food delivery app is, it has many additional features available inside it. But, those features will be visible according to locations as well as the cities. The workflow of Caviar is very simple that makes it one of the best food delivery app. Customers just have to simply search the restaurant in their area and can directly get their food delivered.


Foodpanda is a food delivery app that has expanded their business in almost 25 countries all around the world. More than 27,000 restaurants are part of Foodpanda that include around 500 cities across the globe. It is full of amazing features that satisfy each and every customer. The interface of this app is super smooth that allow customers to place their order quickly. Foodpanda’s business is expanded in the countries of Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia.

Amazon Restaurants

Who does not know Amazon and admires its services? Yes! everyone is a great fan of the services of Amazon. It is actually ruling the market in countries with their great services. It is known to be the better food requesting and conveyance application as holds immaculate elements that won’t ever need behind. All you have to do is sign up, find out the restaurant and place your order. The delivery services are very quick that make its response time better.

Food Delivery: You New Business

If you too have a new food delivery business plan, consider it to be your life changing business. All you require is a zomato clone app to provide online food delivery services to your customers. Make sure you connect with a genuine app providing company that provide you with the source code of the app.

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