Uber Driver App Clone – Essential Features for Success of your Business

Very few people actually realize that the Uber app comprises three separate components. And it’s quite natural because as a User one doesn’t have to pay attention to the complexity of an app. However, if you look at it from a business point of view, you will realize that the app has three main components:

  • The passenger app
  • The Uber driver app
  • The admin

The passenger and the driver app need to work in complete harmony for that seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

uber driver app clone

Features of the Uber driver app clone

To make the best use of this component, you obviously need to be a driver.  Becoming a driver takes just three steps:

  • Get your paperwork sorted and set up a driver account.
  • Once your credentials are approved, and you become approved to drive, you can download and install the app on your smartphone
  • The final step is the one that is the lucrative one. All you need to do is set up your schedule and start driving. The more jobs you pick, the more the income.

However, to become an efficient and reputed driver, your app needs to have the following features:

  • Option to chose the driving location
  • Facility to accept or reject rides using your smartphone. The driver has a 15-second window to accept or reject a ride.
  • Facility to allow drivers to view and manage their account using the following features:
  • Driver authorization and vehicle/license documents
  • Facility to set availability status
  • Edit and/or view profile
  • Trip requests
  • Accepting an order
  • Facility to view past trips
  • Facility to view ride history
  • Details of all earnings and other transactions
  • Facility to chat with riders
  • Notifications and alerts via textual messages
  • Facility to view riders’ ratings and reviews
  • Facility to rate and review their driving experience
  • Navigation facility to ensure the shortest and quickest route

driver manage vehicles

These are some of the must-have features of uber driver app clone. However, the driver app needs to compliment the passenger app so that every user has the best riding experience.

If you are thinking of investing in the on demand taxi business then you need to ensure that all three components of your app have the best features.  This way your business will thrive as you have ensured that your clients get nothing but the best.  When you shop for an app, you can also ask for extra features to add on any of the components if you think a particular feature is necessary for the success of your business.

You can get things like language and currency customization free of charge. If you are going to launch your app in a country that speaks French then you can get the app customized in French and then the currency of that country. This way you encourage local drivers to apply to work and create employment for the less literate members of the society as well as stay at home mums. Your drivers will definitely like the Uber driver app clone as it is easy to use. No need of technical knowledge. Are you ready to get into the taxi business? Your time starts now.