Gojek Clone

The top-notch super app – Gojek clone KINGX 2022 is popular for its technically advanced features, multiple services, and attractive design. One thing that customers adore most about this app is its futuristic features. Not many mobile applications have integrated the latest features. But our multiservices app didn’t lay back and wait for the competitors to launch these features first. Just like the gusting wind, the world came to witness a whole lot of customer-centric features. 

So, let’s learn a little more about them. 

Gojek Clone


As a fan of KINGX 2022, the features that I’d prefer to use the most are these:

Login using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 

Tired of remembering all those usernames and passwords, right? Well, many customers are going through what you’ve. Therefore, the app developers decided to make use of biometric authentication systems for the purpose of login. 

iPhone users can login with their Face ID. Whereas, Android users have to enable the smart login option if they want to use Fingerprint Scanning for login. To enable this feature, the users first need to sign up/login and then directly go to the profile section of the app. 

Video calling option for better communication 

The All-in-one super app now has another in-built option for communication. After the service provider accepts the request, the user, as well as the provider, can initiate in-app calling and messaging. However, to make the communication better than ever, another feature has been added – video calling. 

Both providers and users can initiate a video call to communicate about the location, what to shop for, and so on. The in-app video calling feature is only available for the taxi, delivery, and deliverall services only! 

Taxi booking with iWatch 

This is yet another important feature that makes the Gojek clone KINGX 2022 stand out in the competition. Have you ever heard of or tried booking a taxi ride using your iWatch? No, right? Well, this intelligent feature keeps the rider’s hands-free by empowering them to book a preferred taxi ride from their smart wearable device. 

iPhone users can download and install this app on their phones. This will automatically install the app on the connected iWatch or vice versa. Now, the rider has to first sign up/login into the app through their iPhone. This will redirect the user to the taxi booking screen on the iWatch rider’s app. Here, the rider has to add their current and drop-off location, select the vehicle type, choose the payment method, and even track the ride. 

OTP verification to begin any task 

This is another feature that propels the customer’s safety. Before beginning the ride or even starting an at-home service, OTP verification is done. For example, a customer has hired an after-party maid using this on-demand multi-service app. As soon as the providers arrive at the location, the app will ask them to enter the OTP (the 4-digit code). 

The OTP is sent to the customer’s registered number and email address. Once the provider enters these 4-digits into their app, only then will the option for ‘Start the task’ will appear on the screen. 

Aren’t these all-in-one super app features worth trying? If they are, simply install the  Gojek clone KINGX 2022 demo app! 

In Conclusion: 

To sum up, my verdict would be – this super app is a definite check-out. For entrepreneurs who want to make big bucks in the shortest time, this app is made just for you. 

To try out the on-demand app solution for yourself, get in touch with the sales representatives of a white-labeling firm. But first, find the best sellers of Gojek clone script before you make another move!