Top Uber For Ridesharing Apps Worldwide for 2020

uber for ridesharing

Gone are the days when one had to wait for inconsistently long duration of time in pursuit of a ride. With the advent of Uber for ridesharing apps one could avail of rides at the tap of a few buttons on their smartphone or iPhone device and go from one destination to the next with their safety maintained intact to say the least. 

The frontrunner in the race was Uber that had its successful launch in the year 2009 and since then has gone onto helping riders commute from one place to another in all parts of the world with utmost safety. 

Apart from making rides convenient, it also has gone onto intriguing the attention of those keen on building similar ride-hailing solutions to do the same thereby generating enormous profits through the same. 

So, if you are in pursuit of the best ride-hailing Uber alternatives, here are the top ten you should have in your smartphone for the year 2020. These in turn will go onto supporting you in travelling from one place to the other with swiftness connecting you with reliable drivers. 

Unique 10 Uber For Ridesharing Apps for 2020 

Ola Cabs

With its headquarters based in India, Ola has made its mark felt all over the world. It specializes in ridesharing and hailing services in and around India through its app available to customers on the smartphone and iPhone respectively. 


Popular in places like Cambodia, Malaysia, etc, Grab helps people mostly living there to travel with convenience there. 


Popular ridesharing service provider in places like Russia, UK, USA, etc, Gett helps riders in commuting from one place to the other with utmost convenience through its app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. 


This is another popular ridesharing app that riders depend upon when travelling from one place to another as an alternative to Uber. 


Popular ridesharing app in New York, riders mostly depend upon this to travel in and around New York as an alternative to Uber.


Popular ridesharing app providing its services in close to around 30+ cities in the USA. Wingz specializes in providing airport rides at affordable prices. The app is available on iOS and Android. 


This is another recommended ridesharing alternative to Uber which you can depend upon. Providing rides with convenience in and around USA Juno is available to customers on the smartphone and iPhone respectively. 


Popular ridesharing app from San Francisco. Flywheel is what riders depend upon as another alternative to Uber when travelling from one place to the other. 


Popular child transportation service in the USA. This is popularly called the Uber for Kids due to its utmost focus upon safety of the children. 


Finally, MyTaxi available for riders on iOS and Android, it helps those living in and around USA to travel with utmost convenience and they popularly hail it as being an alternative to Uber. 

Thus, next time you set out for a ride, use from the above-mentioned best alternative to Uber. Enjoy a unique ridesharing experience either solo or with your loved ones.