Uber Android App Clone

Includes iOS Apps & Web Panels for Drivers & Passengers

The Uber Android app clone that we have designed is indeed a masterpiece on its own. There is no script that beats it and is the most popular solution for your on-demand taxi business. Each feature is unique in its own way. Uber clone for Android has been designed such that are two different apps, one for the passenger and the other for the driver for easy communication which in turn helps in giving the users a smooth and easy riding experience.

The Android taxi app will give you access to both the passenger and driver apps as well as the owner/company.admin app. This will enable you to authorise the drivers who will drive for you, and also manage the whole system and the finances too.

The fully automated system means you do not have to worry about payments. All you need to do is get in launched in the next two days, sit back and start earning. The investment you make in the taxi apps for Android is the best you will ever make.

Uber Android App Clone Demo

  • Uber​ clone for Rider
  • Rider Android App
    Rider App Available on Play Store
    Driver Android App
    Driver App Available on Play Store
  • Uber Android App for Driver