instacart clone

The Instacart Clone story

When it comes to Instacart Clone, I’m all about the client retention. You have to earn their trust and deliver on your promises. That was our first goal when we started the Instacart Clone project. We knew that just having an app would mean nothing if customers didn’t use it regularly. So, we have spent the last 2 years building out our platform with features that are smart, easy-to-use, and improve customer engagement.

What is an Instacart Clone?

Instacart Clone is one of our best selling grocery delivery clone applications which provides a community-based solution for people who have had trouble picking up items from their local grocery stores.In recent covid times, people are asked to follow lots of restrictions and rules to visit public places, super markets, grocery stores; thus in this times our app like instacart can help you start a grocery delivery business in your community and help people around you. This will also earn profits for you.

Easy Steps to launch your own Grocery Delivery App

Even if you don’t plan to become a billionaire, there are still plenty of ways to make money online by providing services to people like grocery delivery. To get started, simply bet our Instacart clone app and use it for your grocery delivery business. However, make sure that you have your own team who can cope up with customers. And their queries for their support.

Payouts by category

This is the best way to serve your community by getting paid. Your grocery app should pay you for what you sell, not what people order. It’s common sense that when people order more of something, their sales will go up and they will make more money.

Tips for success & growth

There are three things you need to do before thinking of getting your Instacart Clone. First, you need to have a sales pitch, because the more people know about what your app does, the better it will perform. Second, you need to have an email list. Lastly, find grocery stores near you those are ready to put their grocery items on your apps to sell.