Things to know before hiring a maid

Good house cleaning services may not be very important for everyone, but for those who it is, it can be really cumbersome. While people want their homes to be spic and span, they find it hard to cope with other works in their lives.

For example, a very successful lawyer, who is also a single mother of 2, loves to host parties at her place. Now, she’s a mother of 2. That in itself is a lot of hard work. But she’s also a lawyer which requires tremendous mental energy. By the time she comes back home, she has no energy left to clean up and welcome people to her home.

house cleaning services

Does this mean she can never host a party? Or should she get rid of her job, or children (is that even legal?) or both? There is a third solution. Hired help. But where do you find a reliable source of the hired maid? No one can simply run down the street looking for a maid. So what should our lawyer friend do?

A simple solution for house cleaning services

There’s an app for it. Yup! These days you can easily hire a maid for any work that you want to be done around the house easily through an app. You can consider these apps as an Uber for maids. With these apps, you can simply state the nature of your requirement and get quotes from hundreds of service providers in and around your area which you can compare before you finally book the services.

But how do you decide which one is the best option for you?

Surprisingly there is a cheat sheet to hire a perfect housemaid. Here’s it:

Background check

You can’t let someone into your home with a criminal history! This is why it is very important for you and your homes to be safe. Check the background of each service provider offering house cleaning services to be absolutely certain that you aren’t inviting any risk inside your homes.

Who does the equipment belong to?

House cleaning often requires complex equipment based on which kind of task you have asked for. You must check on the app beforehand itself if there are any expectations from you in order to provide for the cleaning supplies. You should also check the rates. Are the rates any lesser if you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment? Is it mandatory for them to use their supplies only?

Anything complimentary?

This is a customer’s market. People want to please their customers all the time. This is why many companies offer lots of complimentary services with every offer. Find out all the things that they will give you apart from the main service that you have booked. It could be discounts for the next time or any reward coupon, but if there’s something for you, sniff it out and take it!

house cleaning services

Is your house cleaner pet friendly?

Sometimes, the people who come to help us with our cleaning aren’t comfortable with pets. This is why it is very important to mention in the app beforehand itself that you own one and only a housemaid who is comfortable with pets should be sent to your place. What’s more, please remember to find out if the supplies that they are planning to use are toxic for pets or not. If you think that it is unavoidable, you must make arrangements for your pet to be at a safe place until the task is over.

Is your house cleaner hard working?

Now, this may seem to be a really weird thing to check and judge, however, there are things that you may ignore and that comes back to bite you. Cleaning up is a very hard job. IT requires for you to put in a lot of effort and a lot of energy. This is why make sure that you check reviews and ratings of the house cleaner beforehand and speak with other people who have used their services so that you know exactly how well or how badly the house cleaner has been working.

Satisfaction guarantee

It is important that the service provider you choose offers a satisfaction guarantee. This means that the company should be willing to listen to your grievances and address them properly. In case you aren’t satisfied with the work, the maid should not abandon you. You must get your task fulfilled as per your requirement.

On the whole, it is important for you to list down all the possibilities of your house cleaning going wrong. Then ask relevant questions to ensure that it doesn’t happen so. Let’s hope our lawyer friend can find some solace in this Uber for maids app and can enjoy a great house party.

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