The Flavour of the Uber Rider App Clone

uber rider app clone

These days many developers are in the business of developing Uber-like apps, thanks to the demand created by the success of the Uber taxi.  Developers pull all stops to use the best technology, in order to provide the best taxi solution to their clients. Thanks to innovations being introduced every day, riders can use the Uber rider app clone services with convenience as it has the best features designed using the best state of the art technology to give riders a smooth taxi experience.

The Uber Passenger App Clone Features

The Uber clone is made up of two components, the rider app and the driver app. Let us look at some of the characteristics of the passenger app to understand why riders prefer to use this mode of transportation.

  • The user has to register on the passenger app with essential details like name, contact number, email address and credit card details. The user can also register via social media sites like Facebook and Google.
  • The smart and intelligent GPS system tracks the rider’s real-time location and sends this information to the server.
  • The fare estimation feature is the most user-friendly as it gives the users an estimate of the fare before the cab can be booked.
  • The rider receives a notification once he books the cab confirming details of the cab. The rider will also receive notification once the can starts its journey towards the pickup point and also when it reaches its destination.
  • Once the rider reaches his/her destination, an invoice will be generated for the same. The user can then decide how the wants the payment to be made i.e. via card, cash or Paypal.

Possibilities Unlimited for Taxi Owners

Taxi owners never in their wildest dreams imagined that there would be an easier and much user-friendly and smart way by which more and more passengers could be attracted to use their service.  By introducing the On demand concept into the way they run their taxi business, they can now generate more clientele and hence more revenue.

As a taxi owner, you can make a one-off investment in the app and modernise your taxi business such that you will not only retain your existing clientele but will also attract new clientele. The app also has the facility to entice new clientele by way of offers and promotions.

For every cab booked through your app, you stand to gain a hefty commission. Not only that you no longer have to invest in any cars because your drivers will use their own cars. This straightaway reduces your business expenses by way of:

  • No vehicle servicing
  • No vehicle insurance payments
  • No payments for road tax
  • No set salaries for drivers
  • No staff salaries
  • This app also allows you to do away with your cab office, hence you make a huge saving on office rent and utilities too.
  • No hassle of paying your drivers periodically as the automated payment system ensures that the drivers get paid straight into their bank account.

Are these not enough reasons for you to invest in a taxi app and get the uber rider app clone to bring you maximum clientele?